USA Martial Arts Presents
Sensei Jason Hufford


1993-Was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, along with his twin, Jarrod.  He has an older brother, Chris. 
He was raised by Bob and Vivian Hufford.

2003- After seeing a Martial Arts club at his elementary school, he enrolled into ATA, along with both of his brothers.

2006- Took a break from Martial Arts due to cost and conflict between school and family.

2008-Was introduced to Issho-ryu karate by Pastor Brown.

2010- Started to help Pastor Brown with teaching classes as an assistant.

2011- Started to teach an intermediate class on his own through USA Martial Arts.

2012- Graduated from Carroll High School with Academic Honors.

2012 July 26th promoted to Shodan.

2012 Enrolled at Ball State University for Japanese and International business, with a goal of eventually doing ministry.
 While at college, Jason is continuing his martial arts study and teaching.

2014 - July 26th  - Promoted to Nidan, 2nd degree black belt in Issho-Ryu Karate